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PPC provided a 360 degrees agency solution encompassing the development, production, distribution and marketing of the film series. This included partnering with the Sundance Institute on a sanctioned event at the world's most prestigious film festival, an exclusive trailer release, celebrity host, media partnership and robust PR campaign to support the release of the film on 3M's owned channels and major VOD platforms.

Campaign Highlights

  • Production & Casting 
    - PPC oversaw film production and creation of marketing assets. 
    - We conducted an international casting search for subjects working in the skilled trades who have outstanding stories and can change the perception of this career path


  • Partnerships 
    - PPC initiated and managed 3M’s partnership as an Affiliate of the Sundance Institute, which enabled us to produce an officially sanctioned media screening event during the Sundance Film Festival. 
    - A partnership with Variety Media yielded over 800M impressions and included promotion of the event and VOD release.
    Renowned Chef Gabriel a Cámara curated an exclusive culinary feast for all attending.
    - Featured in: Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, Roku Channel, Kanopi Studios

By The Numbers

3.3 B

Total Media Impressions

32 KeyMedia Publications

Trailer Views

Screening Spotlight

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