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Brand Funded Film Services

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We develop a creative brief with specific objectives, guidelines, and messaging, then share it with our community of award-winning filmmakers and production houses to identify the right director/producer partners. Passion Point oversees all aspects of production and post-production, including planning, budgeting, asset deliverables, key art, and trailers. We ensure all aspects of the marketing and distribution plan are baked into the creative and production process, ensuring a seamless journey from ideation through the film's world premiere.


We establish an earned and paid distribution strategy, targeting premium content platforms, broadcast, and digital outlets on SVOD/TVOD streaming channels such as Apple TV, Google Play, and Hulu.


The Film Festival team develops a unique festival strategy for each film based on over 20 years of experience working with film festivals and building relationships with top-tier festival programmers and directors. We customize the marketing materials to ensure maximum consideration by festival programmers and then submit the film to a targeted list of film festivals culled from our database of 5,000 festivals. We manage all deliverables and submission requirements for the relevant film festivals as well as all communication between filmmakers, festivals, and clients once any invitations are received.

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We provide a comprehensive public relations campaign from trailer launch to film premiere. Each film is given a customized media campaign based on its content to maximize exposure from B2B to consumer. Our extensive experience and media relationships ensure that films will be seen and heard everywhere - from the internet to the red carpet, and everywhere in between.

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The Passion Point social/digital team develops a detailed strategy to amplify the client's message and engage with target consumer groups. We execute the strategy on all social media and digital platforms through paid, earned, and owned vehicles.

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We customize educational programs with a focus on school screenings for both documentary films and purpose-based content. We target educators by grade and subject matter, then create school screening kits with curriculum and classroom materials tailored to the topic and objectives. Survey reports measuring impact are delivered at the end of the program.

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